How to create Free Art gallery and sell art online!

  • Once you sign up on Pakistan Art Hub, you can create your own Art gallery and sell art online.
  • You can also avail the services of Content writer and Gallery Manager, who will be responsible for creating and managing your Gallery.
  • Once registered, Pakistan Art Hub will reach out to you shortly and update you on your confirmation.

Note: Pakistan Art Hub reserves the right to accept or decline any registration requests.

You set the price

  • Pakistan Art Hub gives you the liberty to decide the selling price of your artwork.
  • we will charge a commission of 25%, which would include services such as advertising, marketing, customer services, credit card processing fee, invoicing, and administration.
  • The cost of the materials and packaging will be covered by the Artist themselves. All details will be provided by Pakistan Art Hub.

Fast Payment options

  • Customers will pay online, via credit cards.
  • When the payment is done by the client, Pakistan Art Hub will reach out to you and provide any relevant update.
  • Once an update is received, you’ll have to dispatch the artwork to the client, which shall be further received within five business days.
  • Once the client has received the artwork, Pakistan Art Hub will transfer the payment to the Artist’s account within 28 days of delivery.

14 days money-back guarantee

  • Pakistan Art Hub gives its customers the liberty to return any Artwork they have purchased within 14 days, which will be liable to a full 100% refund.
  • The postage and insurance cost will be covered by the client.

For further details of the terms and conditions, you can visit the Artist’s Agreement.

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